NEW Malibu S-PLUS Smart Series LED WiFi Control System FREE SHIPPING


$ 375.00 $ 469.00

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Plug-and-play design, modularized LED cluster, lens and driver assemblies, easy replacement and maintenance 
Customizable 380-780nm full spectra and minimal color banding LEDs fully adjustable for growth and appeal
Full aluminum brushed metal and honed treated body, anti-corrosion
Edge-cutting toughened-glass front panel maximized light penetration
Ultra slim(1.77”/4.5cm) casing and lighter weight (5”/2.3KG per module)
Built-in temp-activate 4-scale quiet fans (fan speed changes according to brightness percentages) for energy conservation and noise reduction
Second optical lenses gather up the dispersed light in the area of per unit resulting in higher efficiency in light use. (60°/90°/ 120° selectable secondary lens)
App controlling system for Smart phones, Tablet, PC
Fully programmable 4 channels +8 settable time points each channel, resulting endless color combination, optimizing PAR meanwhile
Easy to build a WIFI daisy chain system with bridging wireless router to be fully controlled by your phone
UL, CE ,FCC approved  MW driver with built-in fans ensures sustaining stable, safe voltage supply
4 installation ways : hanging kits, retractable stand, acrylic stand or side slidable brackets

Spectrum and LED Layout in 4 channels:

In each cluster (24pcs*3w)
Channel 1: 6 pcs 470nm Blue 3 watt high power led
Channel 2: 6 pcs 1200K cool white 3 watt high power led
Channel 3: 4 pcs 470nm Blue + 2pcs 410nm violet 3 watt high power led
Channel 4: 4 pcs 450nm Royal Blue+1 pcs 510nm Green+1pcs 630nm Red 3 watt high power led
Full modularization, each cluster can work independently and is replaceable
No linking cables, just plug the light
Manual mode, “My Program” (including pre-set and unlimited DIY program), Flash Mode