Trigger Systems Ruby Sump


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Trigger Systems specializes in aquarium sump manufacturing. They manufacture all sumps here in the USA (Dallas, TX). Trigger Systems build each sump as if it were their own. They take pride in the robustness, efficiency of the design and visual appeal of our sumps. All sumps come with a full top support brace which are made of a solid piece of material. Without this the sump will over time begin to bow out from the humidity and water pressure. They also round instead of squaring the corners which exponentially increases the strength of the corner.

Trigger Systems have taken feedback from their customers through the years to enhance their products. Small things in the design aspect will pay off considerably when putting the sumps to use. A simple example is that they always maximize the distance between the protein skimmer location and the return pump in an effort to minimize the chance for micro bubbles returning to the display. All Trigger Systems sumps come with a refugium section that can be used to house other equipment if a refugium is not desired on the particular setup.

The RUBY series sumps are loaded with features and come with the trademark dark RUBY translucent red material. RUBY sumps have the same designs as the CRYSTAL but have the following differences:

  • Same or slightly larger dimensions
  • RUBY red coloring to block light and prevent unwanted algae growth in other sections
  • Probe holder

Some additional features of the RUBY sumps are:

  • Locking Filter Sock Holder
  • Dual platforms (SUMP model)
  • Protein Skimmer section
  • Refugium section

Dual Platforms
RUBY SUMP models come with dual platforms in the space before the return section. The top platform comes with a foam block filter and the bottom one is open to use for several different filtration methods (bag of carbon, bio balls, rubble rock, etc.). This feature is on the SUMP model only.

Locking Filter Sock Holder
Filter socks snap and lock into the filter sock holders to secure the filter sock from falling out when it becomes clogged and needs to be cleaned or replaced. The 4” filter socks are 100 micron rating.

Draw String Tabs
Tabs are located on the top support brace in front of the 1” bulkhead fittings which are included. The purpose of these tabs is to provide a location for tying off 7” diameter filter socks that have draw strings.

Probe Holders
All RUBY sumps come with a probe holder that can hold up to three probes. The holes are 0.63” in diameter.

This model is generically named the SUMP model because it can be used as a berlin style sump or as a refugium style sump.


The SUMP model has 3 main sections. Water enters from the tank into Section 1 through the filter socks.

Section 1 is typically where the protein skimmer sits. Then the water flows through a slit in the first baffle into Section 2.

Section 2 is typically used as a refugium. If a refugium is not desired then the protein skimmer or other equipment can be housed here. The water then flows over the second baffle through 2 perforated platforms and under the third baffle into Section 3. The top perforated baffle comes with a foam block filter and the bottom one is open to use for several different filtration methods (bag of carbon, bio balls, rubble rock, etc.).

Section 3 is the return water section back into the tank. This is where the return pump will sit.


  • Dimensions: 30” long x 14” wide x 15” high
  • Filter Sock: 2 x 4” filer socks
  • Drain/Skimmer Section: 11” x 13.5”
  • Center/Refugium Section: 9.5” x 13.5”
  • Return Pump Section: 6” x 13.5”
  • Total Water Volume: 25 gallons
  • Skimmer Water Level: 9.5” fixed
Model Dimensions Skimmer
Water Level
Ruby 30S 30x14x15 11x13.5 9.5x13.5 6x13.5 25G 9.5”
Ruby 36S 36x15x16 12x14.5 12.25x14.5 8x14.5 34.5G 9.5”
Ruby 30E 30x16x15 15.5x11 18.25x7.625 15x7.625 28.7G 7”-10”
Ruby 36E 36x18x15 17.5x12.5 22.75x8.625 19.5x8.625 41.7G 7”-10”
Ruby 20C 20x20x15 11.625x12 19.5x7.25 12x7.625 24.3G 7”-9.5”